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Organise your activity when & where you want?

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LEAP supports & guides you through all the steps to become a thriving entrepreneurial engineer!

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LEAP provides innovative solutions for all your Project Sourcing challenges & training needs!

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LEAP let’s you focus on what you love: Being an engineer! Leap takes care of all the admin steps & guides you to your dream projects.


Boost your career, step on the LEAP evolution 1 year journey to access all the big partners, be trained and confirm your choice!

Leap Academy

As a Leaper you have privileged access to LEAP Academy! It gives you the chance to become a certified expert in your field, become a specialist on the latest technologies and even become a better human being through innovative trainings & coaching.


Nothing is so powerful as a strong network, where you can participate to tech cells, speaker events, mentorship programs & happy gatherings, cause we don’t have to be serious all the time.

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