Our Mission:

We can only change the world by daring to take a leap forward!

In a fast-paced evolving world, where new challenges require new solutions, we believe people are at the core of technological transformation, that’s why we create a place and tools that gives us the opportunity to thrive and focus on what we are passionate about. 

Our mission is to design the ideal environment to empower technical professionals to navigate their own career, driven by purpose and ambition.

We connect highly skilled entrepreneurial engineers with ambitious projects and companies to shape the future together.

By giving access to our highly skilled Leapers, we create an added value for companies and their project sourcing challenges to continue to be innovative, competitive and agile.

By digitalising our processes we increase efficiency, cost- effectiveness and transparency – most importantly giving back autonomy to all stakeholders.

Our fierce beliefs:

Humans drive technology

At Leap we fiercely believe humans are at the heart of engineering, innovation & technology.
Evolution and real change are only possible when human potential is at the center of transformation. It’s time to rise and a take a Leap! 

Own it!

You can only reach happiness by taking full ownership of your professional journey.
Choosing WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW and WITH WHO, we engage to improve and challenge ourselves on a daily basis. 

This is why we created Leap: to give you the place and the tools to achieve it!

Nothing is as powerful as a community:

As Leapers we believe we can only change the world by daring to do things differently together. 

We dream of a community where sharing is key. 

Sharing support, sharing knowledge, experience, sharing great moments together and create lasting memories.

Find your purpose:

We all want to have a positive impact on our environment and sometimes we just need a little help to find THE way towards that purpose. 

We believe by creating a space where continuous learning & personal improvement is the core of the organisation, we all get the purpose driven career we all deserve.

The Experts:



Training & Coaching








Accountancy, Fiscal and Asset Management






The founding Story:

Marie- Astrid and Gregory worked for more than 10 years for Engineering Consulting companies. 

Both extremely Passionate about People, Technology and Personal improvement, 

they felt a drastically new approach was needed towards engineering life and project sourcing.

This is how two “rebels with a cause” took a leap of faith and founded….LEAP!


Marie Astrid

Managing Partner

Brussels, Belgium South & Luxembourg


Gregory Willaert

Managing Partner

Belgium North & Netherlands

LEAP> Antwerp

LEAP> Brussels

LEAP> Portugal

LEAP> France

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