You are looking for entrepreneurial  engineer?

You need Highly skilled technical professionals  while keeping a year of agility?

You want to offer innovative trainings to increase the productivity, skills or well-being of your team?

You want to take part  with your company to our LEAP community events?


LEAP  connects you with our entrepreneurial  engineers to support or lead your projects.
These are highly skilled professionals, trained on the latest technologies.

Leap supports & coaches them during the whole project, so they can focus on YOUR project.

Evolution LEAPERS

LEAP  matches your technical hiring needs with our  LEAP engineers.

Flex2perm: After 1 year of mutual assessment, continuous training & support, you integrate our engineer in your team and can take a leap on the long-term. 

This way you keep your organisation agile and competitive.

LEAP Academy

As partners you have access to the LEAP Academy.

LEAP Academy provides Innovative  Technical , Certificated & Personal Improvement Trainings.

Our trainings are given on & off site, remotely or E-individually.

LEAP academy grows better Engineers & Human Beings!

LEAP Community

It’s all about our community.

You want to introduce your company to our Leapers, increasing brand awareness?

You want to throw  a technical challenge in the group?

You want to send a speaker about a specific topic?

You want to participate to one of our Tech Cells? 

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